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What is foster care?
Foster care provides safe, loving and nurturing foster homes for children and youth who, for various reasons, are unable to be with their birth families. Placements depend on individual circumstances and last for varying amounts of time. The program is offered by the District Office of the Department of Community Services in your area.

Why do we need foster care?
Children and youth need foster care because of a family crisis, physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect, substance abuse or parent/adolescent conflict. Whatever the reason, most children have needs that require time and attention as a result of their experiences. Foster caregivers provide the critical environment where children in need can be safe and comfortable during challenging times.

Who can be a foster caregiver?
Are you a stable, healthy and mature adult who enjoys children or youth? Are you caring, understanding, patient, adaptable and able to hang in there without expecting immediate results and rewards? If you answer yes to these questions, you have the potential to become a foster caregiver. Keep in mind being a foster caregiver is an important commitment. It’s not for everyone and needs to be discussed with members of your household.

How can I become a foster caregiver?
The Regional Foster Care Recruitment Worker of the Department of Community Services in your area offers a Foster Family Information Session to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need before making a decision to become a foster family.

What supports are available to foster families?
Just like children in care need support, so do the families that provide the care. There are a number of supports available to foster families, including:

  • Individual support with your social worker
  • Group support through local foster caregiver associations
  • Ongoing training
  • Foster caregiver financial support

Learn from those who know
Take a look at these foster care videos including stories and advice from foster caregivers.

Note: Select the “Playlist” Option in the top left corner of the video player to view more videos. How can I get involved? Let’s chat about it. For more information, please contact us at: 1-800-565-1884 or complete our online referral form and we’ll contact you to discuss the next steps.

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