The Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia administers the Introductory Level of Care training programs for foster parents on behalf of the Department of Community Services. The Federation also offers recruitment and training for foster parents to become program instructors. Introductory Level of Care Training consists of the following programs:

Training Programs for Prospective Foster Parents:

P.R.I.D.E Foster/Adopt Pre-Service Training Program
P.R.I.D.E stands for Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education. The P.R.I.D.E Foster/Adopt Pre-Service Training Program is a training program for prospective foster/adoptive parents and is a model for the development and support of resource families. It is designed to strengthen the quality of family foster care and adoption services by providing a standardized, structured framework for recruiting, preparing, and selecting foster parents and adoptive parents. It also provides foster parent in-service training and ongoing professional development.

All prospective foster parents are required to complete the P.R.I.D.E Pre-Service Program in order to become approved as a Regular foster home and in order to attend other foster family training.
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The program is divided into nine sessions and can be presented individually as evening sessions or combined as full day workshops. Training is facilitated by a Regional Foster Care/Adoption Recruitment Worker from the Department of Community Services and a Federation of Foster Families Foster/Adoptive Parent Co-Trainer.

To learn more about the P.R.I.D.E Foster/Adopt Pre-Service Training Program, or about becoming a foster parent, call 1-800-565-1884 or click here

Foster Parent Competency Payments:

If you have been a foster parent for a period of two years, demonstrate the PRIDE introductory level competencies and have taken the Sensitivity and NVCI training, you qualify for $3.00 a day if you have a child in your home. Also, after two years, if you have the above training plus PRIDE 1 and 2, and demonstrate the PRIDE competencies, then you qualify for $5.00 a day if you have a child in your home.

After fostering for five years, if you have Sensitivity and NVCI training, PRIDE 1 and 2, plus have a child in your home, you are eligible to be considered for $10.00 per day. In order for this increase to take place, you need to demonstrate the PRIDE advanced level competencies to your Foster Care Social Worker during your annual review.

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Foster Parent Trainers

Foster Parent trainers deliver the NVCI, Sensitivity and PRIDE training programs within each region of the province:
Central - Ernie Matheson, Barb Pike, Ann Jennex-Roberts, Marina Keeping, Ken Smith, Jordan McCallum, Corrie Williams
Eastern - Betty Ann Demeter, Wendell Fraser, Sheila Hill, Norma MacDonald, Evelyn MacInnis, Russell MacInnis, Jim Mustard, Margaret Thompson
Northern - Mary Ann Burke, Marilyn Clyke, Lynn Simms, Ellen Carter, Monica Jackson, 
Western - Brenda Wolfe, Brian Wolfe, Ethel Wentzell, Monica Jackson, Michelle Wolf
Mi’kmaw - Margaret Thompson, Lynn Simms, Pius Trainor

Community Trainers

Central - Debbie Thibault
Western - Monica Jackson, Jordan MacCallum

Training Programs for Approved Foster Parents:

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NVCI)

Introduced to Nova Scotia foster parents in 1994, this program teaches practical skills and techniques to:

  • Recognize the stages of crisis development and choose the appropriate response
  • De-escalate a situation and effectively intervene
  • Provide the best care, welfare, safety and security for everyone involved in the crisis

New foster parents are required to participate in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training within one year of receiving their first placement. The Basic Program consists of two days of training. An annual one-day Refresher is required to maintain certification for the Introductory Level of Care.

If you have been certified in NVCI at your workplace within the past year and you can provide the Federation with a photocopy of your blue certification card, participation in the one day Refresher instead of the two-day Basic Training, will be acceptable.

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Click here to view the 2020 Spring NVCI Refresher Schedule - Revised March 16th

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Sensitivity Training

New foster parents are required to complete Sensitivity Training within two years of receiving their first placement. First developed and launched by foster parents, social workers, adult educators and representatives of various community groups and organizations in 1997, this two-day workshop is designed to help foster parents study and discuss the harmful effects of prejudice of any form, whether it is racism, discrimination toward people with disabilities, or because of sexual orientation.

The program sets the stage for appreciating diversity and testing our assumptions about others. That is, when a child or youth comes into foster care, they bring their own values, beliefs and ways of doing things all of which may be quite different for the foster family. As well, the child or youth may be from another race, religion, or language group; or they may be gay, lesbian or bisexual; or they might have a disability of some kind. To give them the best care, the foster family must respect and value their uniqueness, appreciate their individual gifts, and must also promote their positive self-esteem. To do this, caregivers require the specialized knowledge and skills taught in Sensitivity Training.

Although many foster parents receive “sensitivity training” at their place of employment, the Federation's program is specifically designed for dealing with children in foster care.

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PRIDE Module I: The Foundation for Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children at Risk

PRIDE Module II: Using Discipline to Protect, Nurture, and Meet Developmental Needs

Please contact your Regional Education & Training Social Worker to register for any of the P.R.I.D.E modules.

Standard First Aid Training

St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid/CPR Level "C" - The Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia, with the assistance of the Department of Community Services, now covers the cost of registration for this training. Participants are reimbursed for mileage and childcare.

Please contact Michele Roberts at the Federation office ( or (902) 424-5665 to register or find out more about upcoming training dates.

Training Expense Forms

Childcare Expense Claim

PRIDE Pre-Service Participant Expense Claim
PRIDE Pre-Service Trainer Expense Claim
PRIDE Pre-Service Guest Speaker Expense Claim
PRIDE Pre-Service Information Session Guest Speaker Expense Claim

A Tradition of Caring Participant Expense Claim
A Tradition of Caring Guest Speaker/Presenter Expense Claim

PRIDE Participant Expense Claim
PRIDE Trainer Expense Claim

NVCI Participant Expense Claim
NVCI Trainer Expense Claim 

Sensitivity Participant Expense Claim
Sensitivity Trainer Expense Claim
Sensitivity Guest Speaker Expense Claim

Professional Development Day Trainer Expense Claim 

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Developing Brain Participant Expense Claim

Understanding Trauma Participant Expense Claim
Standard First Aid Expense Claim
Self Regulation Training

  • Reimbursement of babysitting expenses for individuals who are over the age of 12 and who are not in the care and custody of the Department of Community Services will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Other Forms

Committee Member Expense Claim
Therapeutic Outreach Expense Claim
Assocation/Support Group Expense Form
Regional Meeting Expense Claim

  • Reimbursement of babysitting expenses for individuals who are over the age of 12 and who are not in the care and custody of the Department of Community Services will be considered on a case by case basis.