Foster Parent Support

Being a foster parent is incredibly rewarding. It is also challenging from time to time. During those times, we’re here to offer support services and programs to anyone who needs them:

Local Association/Support Groups

These groups exist within various regions of the province and are run by other foster parents who can offer their knowledge, experience and support. Sometimes, all it takes is having someone who understands what you’re facing and has been through similar experiences as a foster parent. If you require additional support, the local support group members can help guide you to the proper resources.

Executive Director Support

As the Executive Director of the Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia, Gary is often called upon to attend meetings and work directly with foster parents and foster associations. We are a hands-on organization dedicated to assisting foster parents. Support is just a call or email away.

Semi-annual Newsletter

Our newsletter keeps foster parents and Associations up to date on the latest news and developments in Nova Scotia. It’s informative and inspiring reading with supportive articles and other contributions from Foster Parents and Federation Members from around the province.

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Foster Allegation Support Services

In the uncommon circumstance where a foster parent faces allegations of abuse or neglect, the experience can be very traumatic. The Federation of Foster Families provides support through a full-time Foster Allegation Support Worker to ensure proper representation and that the Protocol for Investigating Allegations of Abuse and Neglect have been followed.

The Foster Allegation Support Services program’s objectives are to:

  • Increase availability of Foster Allegation Support Services
  • Advocate for and support foster families who are undergoing allegations of abuse or neglect
  • Advocate for and support foster families who are involved in the appeal process as a result of an investigation
  • Provide accountable documentation for service delivery and program evaluation as requested by the Department of Community Services

The Foster Allegation Support Worker strives to meet the objectives of the Federation's Support Program through:

  • Protocol information sessions presented to Foster Parent Associations and/or Outreach support groups as requested
  • Presentations during the PRIDE Pre-service Program to inform potential foster parents of the service
  • Submission of annual reports to the Department of Community Services
  • Providing support and advocacy to foster families going through an investigation or appeal process where they disagree with a decision affecting their home
  • Attendance as a guest speaker/panellist at PRIDE Module 9: Managing the Fostering Experience

Click here to view the Foster Allegation Support Services brochure.

Click here to view the Protocol for Investigating Allegations of Child Abuse and Neglect in Foster Homes.

Regional Fostering Focus Team

We believe that organizational health requires a relationship built on a strong foundation of open communication, shared understanding and respectful practice. The purpose of these committees is to build on the pre-existing foundation between foster families and the Department of Community Services in order to enhance opportunities for collaboration and strengthen service delivery across the Province. There is a committee per region. Each committee will meet four times per year.

Meeting Minutes per Region:

Central Region:

Northern Region:

Child Welfare Staff List

Western Region:

Eastern Region:

Mi'kmaq Region:

Central Region Access Program Team Leads

Heather Wayne -; 902-424-0193

Darren Shwaykowski -; 902-424-0166

Lynn Legge -; 902-424-0076

Carolyn Rathbun -; 902-424-0064