Viola Cain, Foster Mother to A Hundred Children

The province’s website currently features foster parent Viola Cain, of North Preston, at: Viola has gained a lot of wisdom from loving more than a hundred foster children. On behalf of the Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia we would like to congratulate Viola and all of our foster parents for their amazing contributions to children every day. Please feel free to share this message with family and friends!

10 TIPS for Foster Parents:To Help Their Foster Youth Avoid Teen Pregnancy

Foster youth say they want to discuss sex, love, and relationships with their foster parents, but some are embarrassed or feel uncomfortable starting the conversation. The same holds true for foster parents. They often don’t know what to say, how to say it, or when to start. This guide offers some ideas to help foster parents strengthen their relationships with foster youth. It also offers some ideas on how best to communicate about sex, love, and relationships.